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Chief of fire brigade of autonomous region visited the company
Auther: Pubdate:2020-04-07

Chief of fire brigade of autonomous region visited the company

From February 18 to 21, Zheng Xi's team leader led the working group to Baise, Liuzhou and other places to check the fire safety situation of enterprises and epidemic prevention medical institutions returning to work and provide guidance on fire technical services.
In Baise, the working group and the group spot checked the resumption of production enterprises such as Youjiang District Xinghe aluminum, Fenglin wood industry group, Tiandong Dasheng Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., Tiandong Jinxing Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., and carried out the implementation of the enterprise's fire safety responsibility system, on duty, fire patrol inspection, maintenance of fire facilities and equipment, fire passage, emergency plan drill, etc Inspection and supervision, urging the heads of enterprises to strengthen fire safety responsibility, implement fire prevention and control measures, eliminate fire hazards, carry out fire safety training drills, create a strong fire publicity atmosphere, and resolutely put an end to the occurrence of fire accidents. At the same time, the fire department in the jurisdiction is required to provide active services and strengthen supervision to ensure the fire safety during the resumption of production and work.
Since the outbreak prevention and control, Guangxi fire rescue Corps has successively formulated guidance on fire safety supervision and service for key epidemic prevention and control places and enterprises returning to work, guided all localities to implement "one policy for one" and "one policy for one hospital" measures, and strengthened the "three types of places" and resumption of production for medical protective equipment manufacturers, designated medical and health institutions and centralized isolation observation points in various ways The supervision and guidance services for the enterprises returning to work send work tips to more than 100 enterprises through video connection, wechat notification and other ways to guide the implementation of safety measures.
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