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  • Baise City mayor to inspect and guide work safety in the company

    Zhou Yijue, mayor of Baise Municipal People's government, accompanied by Huang Wenming, head of Tiandong County People's government, came to the company to inspect and guide work safety. ......【View more】

  • Lv Jinyuan goes deep into the committee members

    How is the epidemic prevention and control work of the committee members? Are you ready to resume production and work as required? With these problems in mind, on the morning of February 5......【View more】

  • Hechi City accepts the seventh batch of donated materials

    On the morning of February 13, Wei Chaohui, member of the Standing Committee and executive vice mayor of the municipal Party committee, attended the seventh donation ceremony of social support for the prevention and control of the epidemic i......【View more】

  • Chief of fire brigade of autonomous region visited the company

    From February 18 to 21, Zheng Xi's team leader led the working group to Baise, Liuzhou and other places to check the fire safety situation of enterprises and epidemic prevention medical institutions returning to work and provide......【View more】

  • Lu nenggan deputy visited the company

    From March 10 to 13, 2020, Lu Neng, deputy director of the United Front Department of the Party committee of the autonomous region and Secretary of the Party group of Guangxi Institute of socialism, led the research team to......【View more】